Week 6


Last week coala-html was released and my visa application for attending EuroPython, Spain got accepted. It was a joyful week. \o/

Now post mid-term, I’ve started working on a new website for coala. Beside having a new UI, it will also have an editor integrated where users can upload a code snippet (presently, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Java, PHP only) and let coala run static code analysis on the file. Eventually, user gets the feedback. Some of the desired features are:

The features appear cool but should be little tricky to implement. The challenging part is to automatically generate the coafile based on the settings and also apply the patch upon analysis. Also, I shall implement more features as I progress.
May the CSS be with me! :)

Also, coming week I shall be conducting an online workshop - mostly to cover version control and workflow. Many new comers struggle in this area. I am hopeful that this workshop will help them learn the skills that are much needed and get them started quickly. Details to follow. :)

Stay tuned!

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