Week 6

Last week coala-html was released and my visa application for attending EuroPython, Spain got accepted. It was a joyful week. \o/

Beta release

So finally we released coala-html beta version. At present, coala-html generates an interactive webpage using the results obtained from coala analysis. Users can search across results, browse the files and also the particular code lines where errors were produced. Similar to a coverage tool that displays the lines being missed. At present we support Linux platform only and will add more cool features in coming releases.


Past a few days been hectic resulting from the fairly complicated overall Visa application process for Spain (need it for EuroPython’16 ). Meanwhile, I have been reading about TDD or Test Driven Development and BDD or Behaviour Driven Development to write tests for the controllers using Mocha - a testing framework, Chai - a BDD assertion library and Karma - a test runner. Test runner can run tests based on different test frameworks - in this case. Mocha. Their documentaions might seem bloating at first sight. I felt the same when I started reading about them. But it’s actually simple once you’ve understood the concept behind TDD. Through this blog I shall try to explain why we should follow TDD approach and also write some basic tests using Mocha and Chai together. Let’s drop karma for a while.

coala-html Beta

So I had been working on coala-html beta version since a few weeks.
The PR was certainly huge to be reviewed at once and soon became cumbersome to keep changes updated. But credits to my mentor - Attila and the constructive feedbacks from Abdeali, I could get it done the right way, making an appropriate and meaningful commits with a better code.


Recently, I came across PyAutoGUI, a cross platform Graphical User Interface automation Python module. The module allows us to programmatically control the mouse and keyboard. That means we can write scripts to automate the tasks that involved mouse movements/clicks or inputs from keyboard. To understand better let’s write a simple script that would draw a Symbol of Peace for us. If you don’t have any paint tool then you may try online for free at SumoPaint.